Committed to Quality, Chef Andreas® custom blended 100% all natural spices are masterfully blended to perfect and add flavor to any dish or recipe. Master Chef Andreas has received the International 5 Star Diamond Award, Lifetime Achievement Award from Le Toque Blances International, James Beard Award and is a Board member of Chaine Des Rotisseur International.

In 2015 award winning and acclaimed Chef Andreas launched his signature spice blends. Chef Andreas traveled the world seeking the best spices and raised the bar on quality standards in the spice industry. Chef Andreas spent two years in research and development to master the perfect blends using only the finest and highest quality spice he could find in the global market.

Chef Andreas was inspired by his love of food and family to create these one of a kind master blends that only a true master chef could formulate. His goal is to pass down his knowledge and three generations of family cooking to everyday households to enjoy! These unique one of a kind spice blends are easy to use and add incredible flavors to any dish. They make cooking fun, exciting and add diversity and great flavors to all recipes!

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